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On 1.18.22 We were able to close the public hearing portion of our planning board approval process, our next meeting is 2.15.22 to go over our revised site plan and hear from the board. A video below shows some highlights of the meeting.



On 10.19.21 we met with the Saugerties planning board to discuss our site plan.

We showed our proposed screening, landscaping, and lighting. 

Concerns were raised that many people are calling in to say we are an eyesore and that we work late - after 5pm.  We stressed that we have talked to every neighbor, and we will try to keep it quiet after 5pm.

After the discussions we were able to proceed to the next step which is a Public Hearing that will take place 11.16.21.  This Public Hearing will allow people to speak on their concerns for our business.

We ask that if you would like a custom automotive shop in Saugerties you write a support statement by clicking the link below so that we can use our parking lot.

Engine Work


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We have been working with the town planning board to get our north parking lot approved to have cars parked in it.  There were a few people that complained about old junk cars being in the lot.  We have reached out to all adjacent neighbors to rectify this.  We have removed some of the older cars, reorganized the lot, and are in the process of putting up a fence and greenery.  The planning board asked that we do not continue building the fence until the site plan is approved. 

DSC06601_1 copy.jpg

Steps we have taken

  • Reached out and talked to each neighbor

  • Organized the parking lot

  • Removed some older cars

  • Removed the vintage semi truck trailer

  • Started building a fence (waiting for final approval)

  • Plan to plant bushes

  • Have started to paint building

  • Submitted a Revised Site Plan for Feb 15th  Saugerties Meeting

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