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Outlaw 44

SLSC Giveaway-3

Jeff Stevens "The Outlaw" 44 Stock Car



Each dollar spent at our Merch Store equals one point towards an entry in the giveaway. It takes 25 points to receive an entry.

Jeff “The Outlaw” Stevens raced this car in the 90s in the Northeast and Canada. He was a local legend. He raced in 3 Nascar Nationwide events, the Oxford 250.

It has decals and sponsors that it had the last day it raced.

  • Full coilover suspension

  • 4 wheel disc brakes, gauges in the dash

  • Wide 5 hubs

  • Fuel cell.

  • Engine is a 355 Small block

  • 4 bolt main

  • Forged 9.5 to 1 pistons, Pinks rods, steel crank, Comp Cam

  • Edelbrock intake, carb, air cleaner

  • Turbo 350 trans

It will have headlights, taillights and Cooper Cobra DOT tires. Other than that it’s going to remain pretty close to a race car including no windows and a Lexan front windshield


THIS IS A RACECAR with Street Legal Lights and Components Added. 

This car is loud, uncomfortable, stinky, windy, and wet.  It is a RACE CAR that is driven on the street.  You have to climb in the window, doors do not open.  This car is just as it was when it raced!

Promotional Period  - December 1, 2021 - February 21st, 2022


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ENTRY # Recipient name

188:Aaron Cooke

250:Aaron Cooke

259:Aaron Cooke

262:Aaron Cooke

26:Adam Walker

71:Adam Walker

77:Adam Walker

112:Adam Walker

135:Adam Walker

32:alexander kozik

54:alexander kozik

74:Asher Kremper

273:Asher Kremper

92:Bill Hayner

47:Brett Weist

190:Brett Weist




119:Bryan Gangler

293:Bryan Gangler

24:Carl Strickler

52:Carl Strickler

103:Carl Strickler

118:Carl Strickler

122:Carl Strickler

133:Carl Strickler

142:Carl Strickler

281:Carl Strickler

176:Charles Aaron Smith

33:Charles Zimmerman

126:Charles Zimmerman

173:Charles Zimmerman

211:Charles Zimmerman

45:Christopher Mitchell

86:Christopher Mitchell

6:Clayton Albright

107:Clayton Albright

153:Clayton Albright

165:Clayton Albright

16:Clint Porvaznik

21:Clint Porvaznik

65:Clint Porvaznik

193:Clint Porvaznik

255:Clint Porvaznik

88:Colton Bausch

80:daren klepk

210:daren klepk

19:Darrin Greschaw

139:Darrin Greschaw

149:Darrin Greschaw

184:Darrin Greschaw

204:Darrin Greschaw

214:Darrin Greschaw

2:David Cyrus

233:David Cyrus

102:Dawn Graham

267:Dawn Graham

174:Dean Ogden

4:Dennis Adamo

220:Dennis Adamo

35:Dennis Dobbs

287:Dennis Dobbs

238:Edward Dougherty

94:Eric Hoffman

234:Eric Hoffman

99:Eric Louttit

181:Eric Louttit

288:Eric Louttit

10:Erin Bliss

13:Erin Bliss

136:Erin Bliss

160:Erin Bliss

168:Erin Bliss

201:Erin Bliss

207:Erin Bliss

227:Erin Bliss

68:Gage Green

58:Greg Ingram

83:Greg Ingram

115:Greg Ingram

140:Greg Ingram

151:Greg Ingram

246:Greg Ingram

294:Greg Ingram

249:Gregory Duncan

146:J Viita

66:Jaegar Olgeirson

150:Jaegar Olgeirson

169:Jason Stephan

15:Jeff Demsich

34:Jeff Demsich

213:Jeff Demsich

258:Jeff Demsich

12:Jeffrey Ouellette

141:Jeffrey Ouellette

144:Jeffrey Ouellette

106:jennifer canepari

205:jennifer canepari

291:jennifer canepari

297:jennifer canepari

18:joel jeffs

67:joel jeffs

81:joel jeffs

87:joel jeffs

101:joel jeffs

104:joel jeffs

110:joel jeffs

128:joel jeffs

129:joel jeffs

130:joel jeffs

138:joel jeffs

155:joel jeffs

163:joel jeffs

164:joel jeffs

167:joel jeffs

178:joel jeffs

185:joel jeffs

199:joel jeffs

203:joel jeffs

216:joel jeffs

226:joel jeffs

237:joel jeffs

240:joel jeffs

251:joel jeffs

270:joel jeffs

172:John Heil

189:John Heil

278:John Heil

20:John McFadden

60:John McFadden

96:John McFadden

180:John McFadden

208:John McFadden

265:John McFadden

285:John McFadden

289:John McFadden

25:John Morrow

62:John Morrow

117:John Morrow

271:John Morrow

158:Jonathan O'Canna

209:Jonathan O'Canna

247:Jonathan O'Canna

274:Jonathan O'Canna

143:Josh Cline

30:Joshua Boyer

261:Joshua Boyer

1:Judy Libby

245:Judy Libby

7:Kenneth Cole

268:Kenneth Cole

40:Kyle Wing

59:Kyle Wing

79:Kyle Wing

82:Kyle Wing

105:Kyle Wing

113:Kyle Wing

123:Kyle Wing

127:Kyle Wing

171:Kyle Wing

221:Kyle Wing

257:Kyle Wing

282:Kyle Wing

298:Kyle Wing

41:Lawrence Shepard

72:Lawrence Shepard

22:Lyle Sanders

78:Lyle Sanders

116:Lyle Sanders

218:Lyle Sanders

286:Lyle Sanders

295:Lyle Sanders

230:Mark C Garvey

235:Mark C Garvey

17:Mat Pilcher

280:Mat Pilcher

283:Mat Pilcher

252:Matthew Steele

182:Matthew West

296:Matthew West

244:Matthew Wilson

276:Matthew Wilson

5:Michael Croge

95:Michael Croge

152:Michael Croge

222:Michael Croge

279:Michael Croge

177:Michael Harville

248:Michael Harville

14:Michael Porter

37:Michael Porter

109:Michael Porter

29:Mike Tague

49:Mike Tague

187:Mike Tague

200:Mike Tague

206:Mike Tague

225:Mike Tague

229:Mike Tague

253:Mike Tague

266:Mike Tague

290:Mike Tague

44:Nathan Olmstead

48:Nathan Olmstead

51:Nathan Olmstead

57:Nathan Olmstead

120:Nathan Olmstead

131:Nathan Olmstead

148:Nathan Olmstead

159:Nathan Olmstead

217:Nathan Olmstead

231:Nathan Olmstead

50:Nathan Ritchie

69:Nathan Ritchie

175:Nathan Ritchie

186:Nathan Ritchie

3:Nicholas Lonero

46:Nicholas Lonero

55:Nicholas Lonero

91:Nicholas Lonero

93:Nicholas Lonero

98:Nicholas Lonero

145:Nicholas Lonero

260:Nicholas Lonero

263:Nicholas Lonero

56:Nicolas Duren

76:Nicolas Duren

114:Nicolas Duren

124:Nicolas Duren

196:Nicolas Duren

232:Nicolas Duren

154:Noel Cila

242:Noel Cila

53:Paul Dillon

73:Paul Dillon

108:Paul Dillon

272:Paul Dillon

31:Peter Booth

183:Peter Booth

90:Phillip Gibbons

166:Phillip Gibbons

179:Phillip Gibbons

192:Phillip Gibbons

85:Richard A. Seitz

219:rodger lyke

38:Rusty Modesty

8:Sam Fuller

125:Scott Cannon

256:Scott Cannon

269:Scott Tenney

23:shannon Edmisten

284:shannon Edmisten

11:steve foster

64:steve foster

89:steve foster

111:steve foster

147:steve foster

191:steve foster

27:Thomas Mauldin

157:Thomas Mauldin

36:Timothy Gallagher

162:Timothy Gallagher

198:Timothy Rogers

170:Timothy Salisbury

194:Timothy Salisbury

215:Timothy Salisbury

254:Timothy Salisbury

292:Timothy Salisbury

97:Todd McElroy

9:Wallace Miller

63:Wallace Miller

132:Wallace Miller

161:Wallace Miller

195:Wallace Miller

39:William Savage

61:You Cam#101

70:You Cam#101

137:You Cam#101

197:You Cam#101

202:You Cam#101

224:You Cam#101

239:You Cam#101

243:You Cam#101

264:You Cam#101

275:You Cam#101

28:You Cam#101

42:You Cam#101

156:You Cam#101

100:You Cam#101

134:You Cam#101

277:You Cam#101

84:You Cam#101

236:You Cam#101

223:You Cam#101

241:You Cam#101

228:You Cam#101

43:You Cam#101

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